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A leading provider of advanced Project Management solutions for SAP

Focussing on SAP PS, and in partnership with its customers, Noveco Systems has designed and developed a SAP certified extended Project Management (ePM) solution.

Our motto

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"

Our mission

"Effortless, rapid, cost-effective implementations without fuss"

What is Noveco ePM?

Noveco ePM is a pre-configured package with rich project content. It consists of software components designed to provide tailored solutions for seamless project planning, forecasting, variation management, reporting and graphical representation of project KPIs directly in SAP ECC.

Our products enhance SAP Project System in the following essential areas:

  • Monthly financial replanning (cost forecasting) of cost and work to complete (CTC) and estimated costs at completion (EAC) with automatic recalculation and manual adjustment
  • Project variations in complete integration with project revenue, forecasts and budget planning
  • Project Manager Workbench - a single screen with composite view of project KPIs, traffic light exceptions, cost forecast entry, forecast history review, variations and drill down reporting
  • Project Manager Portal with build-in reporting, drill down capabilities and graphical presentation of your project portfolio KPIs

The ePM family of solutions fully and seamlessly integrate with your existing SAP modules, in particular PS, FI-CO, MM, PM/CS, PP and SD.

Why do you need Noveco ePM?

Though SAP Project System is a powerful and integrated engine, its standard functionality falls short in addressing many important business requirements:

  • Cost forecasting (not to be confused with initial cost planning) in SAP is considerably limited in functionality, which forces the use of cost planning via multiple versions or excel spread-sheets
  • Project Variation Management solution is not existent in PS
  • There are no central "one stop" tools available in standard SAP PS, which means a project's financial position cannot be assessed and managed in a real-time fashion
  • There are no specific rules or methodologies provided by SAP to aid customers adopting PS resulting in overly complex or ineffective solutions often implemented.
Noveco ePM brings structure, rules and methodology to make PS implementation clear and simple.

How does Noveco ePM work?

Noveco ePM has been built with SAP standard functionality in mind. It uses SAP powerful Project System and its core functionality including PS information System. Noveco ePM software package is installed as add-on into your existing SAP system and requires minimal configuration. After installation all you need to do is to run SAP standard and Noveco transactions to manage your projects. Your plan/actual data will be instantly analysed the moment you run ePM. You will be able to review, change and report on your projects KPIs the same day you installed Noveco ePM.

What does it look like?

Noveco Project Manager Workbench looks like a report, but is highly interactive and functional:

How does it integrate within SAP ERP?

Noveco ePM applications are integral part of your SAP Project System and PPM:

Project Manager Portal with graphic represntation of your Project Portfolio KPIs:

How easy is it to implement ePM?

Noveco ePM is not an another software that you will need to implement. It is a SAP add-on written on ABAP and therefore it just needs to be installed into your SAP system. Once installed ePM brings preconfigured project content and sets a firm structure to amorphous Project System. It defines clear rules and dictates certain steps to be followed to perform project planning, forecasting and reporting in SAP. Your project system design and implementation becomes very focused, short and as a result not expensive. Month and months of costly PS implementation with mistakes and awkward workarounds can be cut. It is important to us that you do not require costly consulting, or a protracted implementation cycle. However, we do offer the best available advice to help you optimise your existing configuration where necessary.

Project management in SAP PS had never been simpler and more straight forward!

What is the ePM system architecture?

It is incredibly simple. It is built inside SAP ERP Project System module:

How can it work for me?

We at Noveco are Project System experts. Therefore, we take pride in our skills and will settle for nothing but the best solution for you.

Our implementation cycle consists of up to 5 steps:

  1. Proof of concept - we have a closer look at your implementation and isolate its key elements. In this cycle, we simply determine how you plan your costs (Easy Cost Planning, Unit Costing, Structure Planning, Network planning etc.), where your actuals are posted and how you manage Cost Elements. This provides us with enough information to perform our base configuration
  2. Install ePM - in conjunction with your Basis team, we provide a "patch", which is our way of giving you the required menu paths and transactions
  3. Configure ePM - based on the proof of concept, we make a few settings necessary for ePM to function
  4. Initialise ePM - the first time ePM is run with a real project, it must perform an initialization, meaning it must populate its Forecast so you can get started
  5. Customize standard reports - in order to include the valuable calculations made, we make minor changes to your forecasting reports

These 5 steps normally take a few hours. In some cases we have communicated more effective ways of planning, which makes proof of concept take a little longer. However, our longest implementation has taken no more than a couple of days.